Why Choose ZEROREZ®?
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Carpet cleaning by ZEROREZ® Boise provides GREEN carpet cleaning with no harsh chemicals the Treasure Valley. Our patented, CRI Platinum rated carpet cleaning process will leave your carpets with no sticky, crunchy, smelly residue!
We clean your hard surfaces with Empowered Water™! At ZEROREZ-Boise we clean tile and hard surfaces, restoring their appearance to like "new" condition. Prevent stains, re-soiling, and remove that dark, grungy build-up with our no-residue, patented technology.
We also provide our patented ZEROREZ® GREEN, "Gotta-Love-It" cleaning! We don't use harsh chemicals or soaps (which leave toxic residue) but Empowered Water™ on your favorite lounging spot. It's safe and effective for upholstery, drapes, and fabrics. Rugs too!!
We don't MASK pet odors — we REMOVE them! We solve problems ON the carpet AND IN the pad AND backing; that's where harmful bacteria fester. Our GREEN ZEROREZ-Boise technology won't harm pets or children, AND it stops the growth of harmful bacteria.
Did you know the average human sheds 20 pounds of skin per year? That's food for all kinds of things like dust mites, bacteria and mold. ZEROREZ® also cleans air ducts, removing all that debris! We can then coat the ducts with a proprietary protectant eliminating air-borne pathogens. Filters are also available.
ZEROREZ® uses Empowered Water™, and is Platinuim rated by CRI. Our cleaning system also applies to area rugs and delicate oriental rugs. Currently, we clean your rugs at your place with the ZEROREZ® cleaning process. This patented method leaves your rugs SAFE and CLEAN, which extends the life of your rugs.
Did you know that granite surfaces are very porous and is not ideal for food preparation. Never fear! The ZEROREZ® cleaning technology makes granite surfaces clean and sanitary. Getting into granite pores is no easy task; but with our nano-technology sealer, we seal it and leave a beautiful, glass-like, hygienic finish.
The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval program identifies effective carpet cleaning solutions that clean carpet right and protects a facility’s carpet investment. Not all products clean well enough to earn the Seal of Approval distinction. Of course, ZEROREZ® qualifies and is registered with CRI.
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